Culinary passion

We live in the present but we return with love once again to the tradition, we look carefully at our lands, our ingredients, at the culture of the Romanian people hoping to rediscover our culinary history and to sculpt our future in terms of taste.

Class restaurant respects the traditions and tastes of the Romanian people offering customers healthy and tasty dishes with a lot of warmth. Thus, the smoked pork leg is much appreciated by our customers, since it is preserved in brine, then it is smoothly smoked by beech wood, corn cobs and then it is used in different recipes by our chefs.

The smoked homemade sausage is yet another dish prepared according to a traditional recipe in the kitchen of the restaurant. Our Romanian spices intertwine themselves with the tenderness and taste of the fresh meat in a charming combination full of taste and flavour. Other products - Class trade mark also recommended by our chefs are: homemade pickles, eggplant salad, homemade noodles, and the delicious desserts masterfully created by our pastry Chef.

When it comes to sweets, be it that we refer to the delicious “papanasi” or pancakes, the gem used for these dishes is prepared by our chefs according to Romanian traditional recipes from fruit hand-picked from nature and not from cultures. The restaurant will also recommend blueberry, raspberry and strawberry syrup... products made according to old recipes from fruit picked during specific seasons in Satu Mare county.

There is so much to be said but, unfortunately, taste cannot be told!

Located 5 minutes from the Old Centre of Satu Mare city, Class Restaurant is the place where architecture, design and the life-enjoy mood provide the perfect atmosphere to showcase our love for gastronomy and natural ingredients.

We offer fresh dishes inspired from both international and local gastronomy, sprinkled with lots of love and finely decorated.

With a free and modern approach, our kitchen is based on a creative cooking style associated and supported by the attentively selected ingredients.
Our master chefs put the emphasis on cooking techniques that preserve the integrity of the raw materials and optimize the nutritional values so that our dishes be not only properly-looking but also healthy.

We also serve a rich “à la carte” breakfast every morning with dishes from Romanian and international cuisine. Lunch and dinner can be served in the warm, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere offered by our restaurant, next to a fireplace and admiring the beauty of the natural sceneries.

During summer, we invite our guests in the quiet oasis of Class summer garden where during periods of intense summer heat, the terrace environment will provide a nice relaxing lunch experience.

Class desserts make for the feast of all of our customers. Our pastry chefs choose fresh and natural ingredients on a daily basis to which they add passion, talent and a lot of dedication. The work results of the entire team make for a contemporary kitchen that promotes a healthy life-style and a unique experience feeding both the mind and the body.

Always with love!!!

Opening hours/ Monday – Sunday:

Hotel breakfast:
- Monday-Friday: 07:00 - 10:00
- Saturday: 08:00 - 10:00
- Sunday: 08:00 - 10:00

Restaurant: 10:00 – 24:00